ETF Research Tools

Find the best ETFs for your portfolio

Fund Focus

Drill down to the all-important details for the complete picture: description, performance, and most importantly, our proprietary data on fundamentals and investment merit such as sales and earnings growth, estimate revisions and valuation metrics, and much more.

Fund Screening

Quickly screen hundreds of ETFs, going well beyond the basics of fees and past performance. Whether your investment strategy is deep value, growth at any price or somewhere in between, you can screen funds based on criteria that matter to you.

Portfolio Builder

Create and maintain up to 20 all-ETF portfolios. See sector and geographic allocation, fundamentals and valuation metrics for the entire portfolio, and how each of these compares to your benchmark. Ideal for "hands on" financial advisors who want to manage ETF portfolios for clients.


Found a few great ETFs that might have a place for your portfolio, but not sure now is the right time to trade? Put them on your watchlist for monitoring, so you can be ready to pounce when conditions are right.

Stock Locator

ETFs are a great way to hedge single-stock risk, espcially around earnings and other corporate events, but which ETFs are best for this? Stock Locator allows you to enter a stock's ticker and get a list of all ETFs with exposure, and how much they hold.

Fund Overlap

With so many ETFs available, it's no wonder many of them have considerable overlap among their underlying holdings. The overlap shows you just how much two ETFs have in common, which can be particularly helpful when evaluating "Smart Beta" funds.