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Portfolio Builder

Build, Test & Monitor All-ETF Portfolios

Portfolio Builder is an interactive tool that allows you to build, test and maintain all-ETF portfolios, and see how they compare to any benchmark you choose in terms of allocation, performance, fundamentals and valuation.

1. Choose Your Funds

Create a new portfolio or modify an existing one on the My Portfolios page. Click the configuration icon and then enter your ETFs by ticker symbol along with their desired portfolio weight. You can stay within an asset class or mix equity, fixed income, commodity or other ETFs.

Follow the same steps to construct a custom benchmark, or simply select a broad fund such as the S&P500 SPDR (SPY) at a weight of 100%. You can also change other portfolio settings on the 'Settings' tab.

Once satisfied, click on the Analyze icon to see your Portfolio Analysis.

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2. View Your Allocation

Quickly see how your portfolio compares to the benchmark in terms of overall asset allocation, sector allocation, geographic distribution and issuer type (for fixed income ETFs). Also peer down to the security level, to make sure there is no unintended concentration resulting from fund overlap.

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3. Test your Strategy

Get a hypothetical backtest to see how your portfolio might have performed in the past. We'll also show you risk and return metrics so you can see where the performance is coming from. Hint: Don't reject a portfolio that may have lagged in the past. Those ETFs might be ripe for outperformance!

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4. Focus on Fundamentals

Fundamentals give us a window into future performance. Portfolio Builder aggregates all the fundamentals, valuation and ratings data we compile for individual ETFs so you can evaluate how your model portfolio compares to its benchmark. Go back and adjust your ETF selections and weights until the portfolio has the characteristics you want.

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5. Print Custom PDF Reports

Download and print customizable PDF reports ideal for presentation to clients. The detailed information on each portfolio demonstrates to clients the effort and due diligence the goes into proper ETF porfolio construction (Professional subscribers only).

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