A Smarter Approach to ETFs

Forward-looking measures of investment merit

Our unique approach helps investors make decisions based on forward-looking measures of investment merit, not just past performance.

Most ETF research is really warmed-over mutual fund analysis that focuses on past performance and fees. We take a totally different approach by evaluating ETFs based on the fundamentals of each underlying constituent. As a result, we can answer the same, critical questions an investor would ask before buying a stock, such as:

  • What are expectations for sales and EPS growth?
  • Are estimates changing as economic conditions do?
  • What's happening on the balance sheet?
  • How is it valued in relation to these fundamentals?

The same logic applies to our analysis of fixed income ETFs, where we examine the quality, duration and cash flows of each underlying bond, and roll that data up to the fund level so investors can view and value them in a disciplined yet familiar way.

The result of this fundamentally-driven analysis is a forward-looking view of an ETF based on its investment merit. Ultimately, this enables investors to make better, more informed ETF selections.